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Astrokings Official Webshop

Astonium is a currency that is usable and rechargeable in Astrokings.


What is Astonium? Where do I use it?

Astonium is a currency usable inside Astrokings.

I can’t check the Astonium store or how much I have inside the game

Astonium store and the amount you have only pops up if you have over 1 Astonium in your account

Why does my platform not support Astonium charging?

Astonium charging may not be supported on some platforms due to each platform's policies and technical reasons. On platforms where Astonium charging is not available, you can use it by charging it at an official charging center (this website). 

What is the difference between Astonium purchased in-game and Astonium purchased at an official charging center?

It's exactly the same. However, high discount rates are applied at official charging centers, so you can purchase Astonium at a cheaper price.

What is the Official Charging Center exclusive promo code and how can I receive it?

It is issued during special events. If the conditions are met and the code is issued, it will be delivered through separate instructions, such as game mail.

Payment currency is displayed in USD. How can I check the currency price of the country I am in?

When you select a product and proceed to the payment page, you can check the currency price of the country where you are currently located.